Affordable and friendly aluminium window and door maintenance specialist with over 18 years’ experience servicing Wellington and the greater area.

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Repair Damaged and Replace Worn Parts

Hard ware, for example window catches, door hinges, and window stays or hinges have a limited life unless maintained. Door handles for sliding doors and hinged doors wear overtime and need servicing or replacing.

Track and Repair Leaking Windows and Doors

Sometimes water can get in, this can be due to a number of causes, for example incorrect installation, shrinking rubber seals, inadequate flashing above and around windows. In most cases these can be located and repaired.

Identify Installation Issues

Some installation issues can cause opening doors and windows sashes closing incorrectly causing draughts. There is often a solution to reduce draughts however in some cases doors and windows may need reinstalling.

Recommend Window Solutions

Provide practical advice on the type of windows and doors to suit different house designs.

Retro Fit Double Glazing

In most instances single glazed aluminium windows can be retrofitted with double glazing.

Install Seal Replacements

Window seals shrink and leave gaps for air to get through causing draughts. Regular maintenance identifies this issue and seals can be replaced.

Install Restrictor Stays

Restrictor stays provide security and prevent small children falling out of windows. Council regulations require restrictor stays to be installed on all windows below 760mm from the floor or in the bathroom windows above baths or toilets. Windows in these situations are only to open 100mm.


Ross Newport has had 30 plus years working in the window industry and is an experienced aluminium joiner. He has worked in all areas including managing the factory, installing windows and doors onsite and managing the maintenance service for several window franchises.

He is a member of Window & Glass Association NZ and enjoys working in the industry. He is friendly, approachable, and reliable and gets on well with clients, suppliers and tradesmen.


My Sliding Door Is Really Hard To Close

This is often due to wheels seizing through lack of maintenance. A useful solution is to purchase a penetrating oil and water-displacing spray from a local hardware store. Spray around the wheels, this should allow the wheels to roll more freely. This product is also useful in the maintenance of door hinges, preventing rust and reducing squeaks.

Discolouring And Fading Powder Coated Windows

To prevent this happening the outside of windows and doors should be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild liquid detergent in warm water and then rinsed with cold clean water on a regular basis. We suggest this is done at least 6 monthly and more often if you live closer to the sea.

Removing Sunbaked Stickers On Glass

Use an orange based cleaner available from your local hardware store to remove sun baked stickers off windows and doors.